About us.

We are a team of experts who design and build digital platforms and events that help bring our communities together. In addition, through our content production services, we create and share immersive, stimulating content that explores and enhances fantasy.

What we stand for.

We don’t go in for many rules, but our three B’s help guide and inform what we do and how we act each day.


To create environments in which members of our community feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued. To share and act upon their innermost desires without prejudice or judgement.

Be courageous.

Be fearless and have the confidence to step out from the shadow of guilt to embrace and celebrate your beauty.

Be liberated.

Break free from social conventions or ideas imposed on you to be who you truly are

Who we are.

A small team based all over the world, but with our headquarters in Bristol, United Kingdom. We’re a varied bunch that includes gamers, foodies (obviously), cinephiles and pop culture junkies; we also happen to be creative and technical.

Some of us are better with code, others among us are better with words and colour. All of us share a passion for what we do.


I love the technical challenges that this work involves and am still as passionate about creating communities as when I set up my first website back in 2003.  I have made many friends over the years and love to hear when others have done the same.  When not coding, I enjoy getting out in the countryside and have a great appreciation of nature and the natural environment.


I’m Sam, and I work closely with the site owner, our end users, and moderator team. With my fingers in all the pies, I get to experience all aspects of the site: from dealing with customer queries, to marketing, and even creating our own unique content. I’m a big believer in being yourself, and working for Shine Horizons gives me the opportunity to embrace and share that message.


I’m Big Al. Online I’m generally known as Dragorat or just Rat. I’m one of the moderators on Fantasy Feeder. I love interacting with the people in chat no matter the topic. My interests are wide & vary from sports to music to food & many things in between.

Fluffy Toaster

Hi, my name is Jamie and I’m a transgender female who dresses up as a BBW or SSBBW.  I have done multiple computer courses and am content staying home.


Hi! I’m a moderator and foodie here on Fantasy Feeder. I moderate content here to make sure Fantasy Feeder is a safe place to enjoy yourself.


I have been a part of the community for 10 years or so, people know me as Squish. I joined because I was curious. I stayed because of the people, the acceptance, and the friends I have made.

Digital enablement.

Community content providers.

Professional partnership programme.

Contact us & let's collaborate!

We believe that people should be able to share their love and passions no matter what their preference, so if you (and anyone else) wants to play, contact us today.

Just remember it should be safe and always be fun.

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